First move well, then move a lot

Flexa Studio is a state of the art functional training and rehab facility.

It is an invaluable rehab tool for the Flexa Physio team but also allows our members to experience the latest in functional training in an exclusive environment.

Sport is essentially rehearsing movement.

If you’re moving incorrectly then you are rehearsing incorrect movement that may result in pain, tightness, imbalances and poor performance. Functional training is about making your body work the way it was designed to function in the three planes of motion.

Conventional training with standard gym equipment restricts movement to a single plane of motion which is an unnatural form of movement for the body and may potentially lead to faulty movement patterns and imbalances. Life is unpredictable and unstable. So why would you develop your training using stable and predictable routines and equipment?

Functional exercises are designed to improve movement proficiency and are multi joint, multi muscle exercises that utilise all three planes of motion promoting stability, mobility, and flexibility while teaching correct movement patterns with full range of motion and muscle activation.


NEW Flexa Studio Membership Promotion! 

$18 per week for 12 weeks (fixed term), includes one FREE 30 minute Studio Introduction session. For more information email

Our membership plans have no minimum terms*, all classes are included, plus we supply a complimentary gym towel when you are training and shampoo, soap, and a bath towel for after your work out.

There is a $135 joining fee that includes three 30 minute training sessions to introduce you to our unique equipment.

*  Membership is billed monthly in advance. 30 days written noticed required for membership cancellation.

** Personal training sessions do not carry over.

Personal Training and Group Exercise 

Get even better results from your training with one of our expert trainers who will teach you the latest in functional training methods.

30 minute P/T rates

  • Casual $60
  • 5x concession $290
  • 10x concession $550

Group Exercise Class Rates

  • Casual $15 


An introduction to pilates focusing on the core to develop a solid foundation and target the deep postural muscles while building muscle strength and rebalancing the body – excellent for improving posture and core strength.

Casual visits $15


Lengthen and release your tired and tight muscles with our gentle stretch class.

Supervised Training

Our experienced trainers will challenge you with a series of functional, cardio, strength and core exercises. This is a great introduction to the unique functional equipment that Flexa Studio offers.

*available to members only


Learn how to activate and strengthen your core for improved posture and general well being.


Learn the foundation yoga poses while building strength, improving flexibility, balance, posture and understanding proper breathing techniques. Dynamic Yoga creates a functional and balanced body which will aid in everyday life as well as increasing your performance and body awareness in sport and exercise.

Casual visits $15

Cardio Burn

Ideal for the time poor and functionally challenged. A great full body functional work out that will have you back to the office in time for your next meeting. Tone, condition, strengthen and improve your fitness and energy.

Ready to learn more about the latest in functional training?
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