Our Musculoskeletal Migraine and Headache Clinic is a first of its kind in New Zealand. Headed by Medical Director & Physiotherapist Murray Hing who completed his masters degree with first class honors in migraines and headaches. Our clinic offers preventative treatment for chronic tension headaches, chronic neck and back pain, and migraine headaches.

What is a migraine?

We believe that a migraine is the end result of hypersensitisation of the central nervous system. In essence, it is the brain purging from excess stimulation in order to reset in a similar fashion to the way that the digestive system purges by vomiting bad food. Migraines involve multiple body systems and multiple triggers which vary between individuals, and therefore require a personalised approach.
The current medical treatment protocols for migraine involve a heavy focus on medication and include narcotics, antidepressants, triptans, anti seizure/epileptic medication, beta blockers, non-steroidal antiinflammatories (NSAIDS), pain killers and nerve blocks. While these are somewhat effective in the short term, they only treat the signs and symptoms and do not get to the cause of the migraines.
At Flexa Clinic we use a combination of multiple treatment modalities to address the involved body systems in a holistic manner. Effective and lasting migraine treatment requires a carefully constructed and in depth assessment and treatment plan.

The seven systems that are involved are:

1. Cognitive/Emotive – Psychological and social factors

2. Musculoskeletal – The joints, ligaments, muscles, and fascia

3. Neurological – Central and peripheral nervous systems

4. Endocrine – Hormone and neurotransmitter balance

5. Respiratory – Breathing patterns and habits

6. Gastrointestinal – Diet and nutrient absorption

7. Circulatory – Heart and blood vessels

Treatment Protocols:

  • A holistic overview assessment looking at all seven systems as mentioned above; establishing which systems have been compromised.
  • We look to find the multiple triggers which have hyper-sensitised the nervous systems. Triggers include hormonal changes, diet, breathing, posture, neural sensitivity and inflexibility, sleep patterns, adrenal fatigue and more.
  • The cervical spine and in particular C2 with its close relationship to the Cervical Trigeminal Nucleus (CTN)
  • Botox®, better known for its cosmetic use, has been used therapeutically to treat migraine since 1992. There is evidence of a direct effect on neurotransmitters within the central nervous system, with a resulting reduction in neural hypersensitivity which in turn gives a decrease in migraine frequency and intensity. Botox is injected into the V1, V2 and V3 pathways of the trigeminal nerve to specifically desensitise these neural pathways. Botox® also creates a three to six month window of opportunity which allows migraine-causing triggers such as poor posture and severe muscle tension to be accessed, treated, corrected and balanced so that the migraine frequency and intensity can be diminished and finally resolved.
  • Ketones (Beta Hydroxybutyrate). A substance produced by the liver from fat which promotes the usage of fat as fuel for the body and brain. Consumption of exogenous ketones promotes ketosis, a natural metabolic state enabling healing of the body which also has significant medicinal benefits. The method of action includes decreasing inflammatory markers across all body systems, which results in less pain, fewer migraines and reduced migraine intensity intensity over time. These ketone supplements need to be taken in conjunction with a LCHF (Low Carbohydrate High Fat) eating regime. The reported benefits also include increased cognitive clarity, decreased “brain fog”, increased energy levels, weight loss (through fat burning), and decreased fatigue indicating improved performance of all body systems.
  • Physiotherapy, involving a comprehensive muscle balance assessment (MBA), followed by an exercise program to stretch and strengthen the structures in the neck and spine to promote muscle balance of the neck and spinal complex. This strength and flexibility program will need to be implemented and continued for an extended period of time until the structural issues are resolved.

This migraine treatment is the first to combine Botox®, Ketones and Physiotherapy, and addresses the seven systems mentioned above holistically and effectively to target migraine pathology.
An initial 90-120 minute consultation and assessment will determine whether the treatment is suitable. This consultation includes a full muscle balance assessment and medical history and will cost $450.00 with Murray Hing or $350 with a senior physiotherapist.



Early in 2016 after experiencing more and more severe migraines in the previous months I started to black out because of the pain I had been enduring. At this point i knew this was a lot more serious than I had ever suspected. Having a family history of migraines i thought this may be my lot in life. I began the long road of seeing multiple specialists, having every test and scan i could possibly get only to be told many times over that they couldn’t find a cause for the black outs, severe migraines and constant headaches which i had been experiencing for almost a year at this point. After being fed a cocktail of drugs by various ‘specialists’ to ‘see what happens’ I began to loose all hope and became depressed, which affected all areas of my life. I had been off work for almost 6 months because of the migraines and headaches but count myself incredibly lucky that I had the support of my family and friends. It was one of these friends that recommended Flexa Clinic to me, saying that Murray had been working wonders on other migraine patients. Apprehensive at first i decided that I had nothing to loose and booked in for a consultation. I was greeted by Vianca and Murray who made me feel comfortable straight away and most importantly gave me hope which I had totally lost at this point. Over the next few weeks of regular treatment, yoga and gym sessions I noticed a marked difference in the severity and regularity of the migraines and headaches. With less migrainesIi was slowly able to get back to work and start carrying on with my life. Now almost a year on I haven’t had a migraine in months and have been able to manage the minimal headaches well. This has been nothing short of a miracle for me. My life is back on track thanks to the work that Murray and Vianca have put in to me. I cannot thank them enough. Every staff member at the Flexa Clinic that I have had the pleasure of meeting have been incredibly helpful and pleasant to deal with, from the front of house staff to the gym specialist and physiotherapists. I cannot thank them all enough for helping me with my condition and getting my life back on track. If you’re reading this and are in the same position I was a year ago, don’t hesitate, call Flexa Clinic and book an appointment as soon as possible, you won’t regret it!


“I went to Murray just over a year ago in complete desperation; I had been suffering from chronic and debilitating migraines for at least 11 years. I lived in fear of when the next migraine would hit and felt I had no control or power over it. I was getting migraines a few times a week at my worst and my only solution was to take strong medication, but often that would not work either. My journey with Murray was incredible and I credit him with giving me my quality of life back. Often because we look for a quick fix these days, I was at first frustrated that it was going to be a journey of 6 months to a year for me to really experience great relief.  I felt so supported with Murray and Kelly, and after physio 1-2 times a week, doing my own home practice exercises and visiting the gym at Flexa, I began to notice life changing improvements. It wasn’t easy and I had to put in a lot of work in order to see the results.  I also had botox twice about 6 months into my treatment which for me worked incredibly well, even though I was very sceptical at first, it really proved to be a turning point for me. I experienced times of terrible migraines during treatment and would feel so frustrated, especially in the early days, but then I slowly began to realize that I hadn’t had a migraine in 2 weeks, then a month and now I am traveling the world and have not had one for 6 months as well as getting rid of my daily headaches! I cannot express how life changing seeing Murray was, and I also can recommend giving it everything and dedicating yourself long term to the programme, because I never believed it was possible to gain so much control over your migraines and increase your quality of life so much! “


“My 13 year old daughter started getting severe atypical migraines when she was 9. The worst migraines lasted 3 days and even on migraine free days she would often still have headaches and terrible travel sickness. She spent time in hospital, had an MRI, went to GPs and specialists, an osteopath, tried taking out known dietary triggers, hunted for other migraine triggers, tried natural supplements especially for migraines and was also given prescription meds. We could never find what triggered the migraines. The prescription drugs were particularly awful with no benefit and unpleasant side effects, while the natural supplements were better than anything else but still didn’t solve the problem. We couldn’t find any pain killers that would help and the usual ’stop a migraine in it’s tracks’ drugs didn’t work either. Last year she missed 60 days of school. Nobody could offer us any help except that she might grow out of them if she was lucky…or they could get worse. We went to Flexa Clinic thinking we were at the pain management stage rather than expecting to find a solution. For the first time we heard the words, ‘I’m pretty sure I know what’s causing your migraines and I think I can fix you’. We all cried! Murray and his team have been completely wonderful combining their special physio techniques with strength training and we’re making really good progress. The regular headaches went quickly, as did most of the travel sickness. The migraines are taking a little longer to fix but the frequency, severity and duration of them has massively improved. She’s gone from visiting the school sick bay almost every day to hardly to going there at all. We found it helpful to be told that the treatment will take a number of months and it’s really important not to give up if you don’t see instant results. And yes, it’s been a big commitment, but absolutely worth it. We can’t speak highly enough of Murray and the Flexa team. They’re all super positive, really skilled and up front about whether they can help you and how they’re going to do it. We’re thrilled with the results we’ve had so far and looking forward to getting even better.”

If you suffer the debilitating effects of migraine or headache please contact us for more information or to make an initial appointment

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