Flexa Clinic is a registered ACC provider. We do have a surcharge for ACC treatment.


You don’t require a referral to use our services and we can assist with registering your injury with ACC.


Charges will depend on the length of appointment required to deal with the complexity of your injury.


PHYSIO RATES – from July 1, 2019

MurraySenior PhysioPhysio
ACC Initial$195$85$75
ACC 60$130$75$65
ACC 45$100$65$55
ACC 30n/a$50$40
Senior Citizen (SC) Pricing
SC ACC Initialn/a$63$58
SC ACC 60n/a$50$45
SC ACC 45n/a$45$40
SC ACC30n/a$35$30
Private Initial$255$110$100
Private 60$185$100$90
Private 45$165$90$80
Private 30$125$70$60
Senior Citizen (SC) Pricing
SC Private Initialn/a$81$76
SC Private 60n/a$73$68
SC Private 45n/a$68$63
SC Private 30n/a$53$48
Migraine Initial$450$355$230
Migraine 60$160$120$100
Migraine 45$120$100$80



Studio Rates

PT30 Casual$60
PT45 Casual$75
PT30 Casual$95
PT30 Casual 2:1$45per person
PT45 Casual 2:1$65per person
PT60 Casual 2:1$85per person
Concession 5$290
Concession 10$550
R&R 8$360
R&R 4$180
Studio Intro$135Required for new members
Studio Membership$99.67DD monthly ($23 p/w)

Treatment Package


Your treatment will consist of the following treatment protocols:


  • Subjective and Objective assessment
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Hands on treatment – soft tissue release, mobilisations, specific physio techniques
  • Personalised exercise plan
  • R&R package if prescribed (additional cost applies). The R&R package takes you through your personalised rehabilitation program
  • Exercise home program rehab plan. Education and teaching of the home program exercises


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