Our highly experienced team has the latest in medical and technological sciences at our disposal to help free you from tension, stiffness, pain, illness and injury so you can perform each day at your best.

At Flexa Clinic we pride ourselves on providing our patients with a personalised and holistic treatment plan. There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your recovery!

Our experienced physiotherapists will take time to assess your individual needs and will tailor a plan to enable the best possible outcome for you. Our team are skilled in the latest techniques and have a wide range of leading-edge technology at their fingertips and our onsite rehabilitation facility at their disposal. At Flexa Clinic we treat the cause, not just the symptom. Book in to see one of our friendly team and let us assist you through your recovery. No referral necessary.

Flexa Studio is a state of the art functional training and rehab facility. It is an invaluable rehab tool for the Flexa Physio team but also allows our members to experience the latest in functional training in an exclusive environment.

Sport is essentially rehearsing movement. If you’re moving incorrectly then you are rehearsing incorrect movement that may result in pain, tightness, imbalances and poor performance. Functional training is about making your body work the way it was designed to function in the three planes of motion.

Conventional training with standard gym equipment restricts movement to a single plane of motion which is an unnatural form of movement for the body and may potentially lead to faulty movement patterns and imbalances. Life is unpredictable and unstable. So why would you develop your training using stable and predictable routines and equipment?

Functional exercises are designed to improve movement proficiency and are multi joint, multi muscle exercises that utilise all three planes of motion promoting stability, mobility, and flexibility while teaching correct movement patterns with full range of motion and muscle activation.

Bigfoot Podiatry

Bigfoot Podiatry is a leader in foot and lower limb pain. Justin and his team are passionate about podiatry and use the strength of the team to improve and become leaders in Podiatry. They are continually learning and presenting cutting edge presentations to sporting, tertiary and medical associations.

His team works with many professional teams and organisations like the NZ Breakers, High Performance Sport NZ, Asics, and Diabetes NZ.

09 481 0680


Diane Sorrell is the business owner and sole Integrative Health Practitioner at Body•Mind•Health.  She is Passionate about all aspects of health, especially accelerating potential, integrating optimum physical and mental health and the transformation in to wellness.

Diane utilises a number of different skills to improve the quality of lives.  She uses a variety of complementary therapies, with a belief in traditional medicine (with her immediate family in the medical profession).

Diane is an experienced manipulative physiotherapist. She completed her undergraduate physiotherapy training in Otago (1990) and obtained her Post Graduate qualifications at AUT in 1995, followed by PAANZ acupuncture training in 1996. She has managed and worked in a variety of physiotherapy practices  in Auckland, Wellington and London and establishment of a sports clinic in St. Anton, Austria.

Diane also has a keen interest in the mind / body connection and how it relates to disease. She has trained extensively in Neurolink (Applied Kinesiology) and recently NIS and Psych_K. and incorporates these techniques into her treatments.

She was an athlete at an early age, competing in a variety of sports including swimming, triathlons and running.

Diane has recently completed the BradCliff® Certification programme and is involved with the teaching on this course.

Diane now works with people of all walks of life:

  • children with learning difficulties and food intolerances
  • high performance athletes with injuries
  • sufferers of chronic pain and migraines, fatigue, hormonal imbalances,
  • anxiety and hyperventilation syndrome

Her main areas of interest include:

  • Maintaining wellness and balance
  • Asthma or allergies/intolerances
  • Women’s health – including fertility and hormonal balance
  • Stress and symptoms including chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, insomnia
  • Children – learning difficulties, spectrums such as autism, behaviour
  • Emotional balance, including anxiety and depression
  • Chronic illnesses – including cancer
  • Sports injuries, including physical pain/issues and concussion
  • Headaches and migraine


Breathing Works

Breathing Works was founded in 1998, and the clinics are the first of their kind in Australasia. Breathing Works is devoted to the treatment of respiratory problems including asthma and other lung conditions, breathing pattern disorders and anxiety related breathing. We apply the highly effective BradCliff® Breathing Methods in our treatments, and pride ourselves in being Physiotherapists who utilise evidence based practice.

The Breathing Works team are all experts in this field, and we work with people of all ages and all walks of life, from High Performance Sport NZ athletes, to children and seniors. We’ll help you breathe well to improve your energy, efficiency, focus and performance.

09 481 0680

Caryn Zinn Nutrition

We’re a group of whole-food dietitians and nutritionists that are full of passion about what we do and practice what we preach. We aim to help our clients achieve their goals through providing a personalised and honest service. Because you come with your own unique set of demographics, genetic and metabolic traits, and diverse lifestyle situations, we believe that you deserve your own set of nutrition strategies that suits your (and your family’s) needs. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, but we do believe in basing your style of eating on whole, unprocessed, minimally packaged food as much as possible. Our consultations and advice reflect this personalised and whole-food approach

021 422 911


External Counterpulsation (ECP) Therapy is a ground-breaking, safe, painless, non-invasive treatment that improves circulation throughout the body. ECP Therapy is scientifically proven, highly effective treatment for Heart Disease, Cardiovascular and Circulatory health issues.

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We are a team of 5 registered midwives working to provide continuity of care to women and their families during the child-birthing year.  Each midwife has a caseload of 3-6 women per month and collectively we provide antenatal, labour / birth and postnatal care for our clients.

Our philosophy of practice is that pregnancy and child birth are normal and natural life events.  Our clients are generally well women who we encourage to be proactive in their own health and self care during pregnancy.  We are happy to support women to birth at home or North Shore Hospital and offer water births if desired.

We embrace the use of complimentary therapies in pregnancy – e.g. massage and physiotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy and hypno-birthing if our clients choose. We also work collaboratively with other health professionals should any complications of pregnancy, labour or birth arise. We strongly believe that educating women about childbirth is essential to their wellbeing and encourage informed decision making. Our belief is that education and shared information is the foundation to lifelong good health.

We provide individualised support and education with the goal of an empowering birth experience.

Our care is professional, holistic in nature, woman-centered and family friendly  (for client and midwife) and aims to provide ‘continuity of care’ rather than ‘continuity of carer’.

0274 758 687


Maryanne Bilham Knight is an award-winning photographer with 35 years of industry expertise, spanning 4 continents. Best known for subjects including rock ‘n’ roll musicians, celebrities, high-end advertising campaigns, hotels and resorts and personal fine art pieces. Now living back in New Zealand trading as Knight Bilham Ltd creative services with partner Robert M Knight.

For more info go to www.knightbilham.co.nz

Registered Nurses Louise Greer and Olya Sokhieva have combined experience of over 12 years working in the Appearance Medicine Industry. They specialise in cosmetic injectable and skin treatments including botulinum toxin, dermal filler and collagen induction treatments. They have extensive knowledge of physiology of aging, latest techniques and safe, evidence-based practice to help you achieve most natural, and aesthetically pleasing results. While both Louise & Olya have been trained by the best physicians in the industry, they undergo ongoing training and regular professional development to ensure you receive most up-to-date and thorough advice and treatment.

Contact details:

Email: nursesinject@gmail.com

Phone # Olya: 0211456421

Phone  # Louise: 021682544

Bookings: 09 4810670 option 1 (Tues,Thu,Fri)

Online bookings: https://bookings.gettimely.com/loinjectables/bb/book

Address: 160 Lake Rd, Northcote 0627 (inside the Physio building)

Instagram: l_o_injectables

Muse Boutique Hair Salon

Muse boutique hair salon is operated by stylist Karen Bilham. Karen has over 30 years experience in the hair dressing industry having worked in Hong Kong and in New Zealand. She has done numerous fashion shoots and commercials, was nominated twice for the Swarkopf awards, and finalist twice in the Loreal colour trophy.

She has owned and operated her own Servilles franchise and has been with Servilles for 26 years as a creative stylist and trainer and educator of young up and coming stylists.


09 481 0680

021 827 664

Dr. Bloom is a vocationally registered specialist medical doctor in Musculoskeletal Medicine. He completed his medical training at The University of Rochester in the U.S.A. and has dedicated his career to using natural approaches to orthopaedic conditions. He focuses on the most affordable, safest and effective medical interventions that treat the underlying causes of pain and have long lasting results according to published studies.

Having studied with some of the originators and pioneers in Regenerative Medicine from around the world, Dr. Bloom uses affordable stem cell alternatives. He has devoted his medical career to perfecting these approaches for the past 25 years, longer than anyone else in New Zealand.

The treatments he performs are affordable, natural, and non-surgical. Like stem cell treatments, they help repair the underlying causes of pain. But unlike stem cell treatments, they result in virtually no down-time, have faster effects are a fraction of the cost.

These treatments which include Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy, Neural Therapy, help stimulate the regeneration and strengthening of soft tissue and cartilage, help reduce nerve inflammation.

Dr. Bloom is also board certified in hypnosis and specializes in Medical Hypnosis to help rewire the neural pathways in the brain to help reduce any residual sensation of pain.

For much more information about these treatments including published studies about their efficacy, please visit AffordableCells.co.nz (Please note: This is a website in progress. Its functioning version is Affordablecells.com)

Dr. Bloom’s personal interests are in cycling, kayaking, and writing a spiritual book about the power of laughter in the healing process – The Ho-Ho-Holiest Medicine.

Plus One Wellbeing

We are a team of respected and highly experienced physiotherapists, providing physiotherapy treatment during pregnancy and beyond.

Your body goes through incredible changes in Pregnancy. As your baby grows, your centre of gravity shifts, hormones make your ligaments more mobile and you can experience changes in muscle tone and strength.

Pain is common but not normal.

We can help you with a wide range of problems related to pregnancy and can continue to support you right through your post-natal recovery.

We are committed to further education so that we can provide Women with the best care throughout their Pregnancy and Post Natal experience.

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We specialise in ultrasound imaging of sports injuries, general musculoskeletal injuries, functional assessments of joint movement, core muscle activation and breathing.

Our radiologist is highly experienced at performing ultrasound guided injections.

We work closely with our referrers to enable accurate and timely diagnosis for musculoskeletal injury. And by specialising in one area of ultrasound imaging we believe we provide an excellent service to our patients and their referrers.

09 481 0680


Ultra Physio

Ultra Physio is a clinic that specialises in using Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS), for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Here at Ultra Physio, we accurately diagnose the deep muscle activity (core), and help set the right rehabilitation plan to help relieve you of your pain and work towards the prevention of further episodes. We allow our clients instant feedback, as to the quality of their muscle activation, which helps greatly speed up the learning process by instant visual feedback, its pain free and non-invasive, and an excellent objective measure that can be retested to gauge improvement.

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