Flexa Studio

41An exclusive environment to realise your potential

Your body and mind are the enablers to fulfil your dreams and passions.  Your potential cannot be realised unless these are functioning at their best. We guide you to maximise your potential by repairing and maintaining the natural assets that enable you to perform at your best.

Flexa Studio helps to revive bodies that have lost suppleness, shape and the freedom of movement from tension, stiffness, pain or age.  It is an evolution in holistic, integrated health and well-being that uses the latest in medical and bio-mechanical sciences to enhance form, function and performance.

Flexa Studio is built around supervised and one-on-one training with leading performance trainers and the latest in functional training concepts including: Kaiser, Kinesis, TRX and Gravity.

With just a couple of short, intense sessions a week you will transform the way you feel, look and move.

Through Flexa Studio, you will:

  • Maximise body performance
  • Build resilience to heal faster from illness and injury
  • Recapture energy and wind back your body age
  • Get back in the game, faster
  • Fulfill the potential of your mind and body