Meet the Team



Murray Hing

Medical Director

MHsc Prac (1st Class Hons) PGG HSc Acup ( 1st Class Hons)

Murray Hing is Managing Director and Medical Director of Flexa Group.  Murray holds a Masters in Musculoskeletal/Manipulative Physiotherapy with 1st Class Honours and a Post Graduate Degree in Acupuncture with 1st Class Honours. Murray has practiced for 30 years and is considered a leading practitioner.  His first physiotherapy clinic was opened in 1983, a three bed clinic in Northcote.

Since then, he has built a world-class medical facility with a team of more than 30 and a ground breaking approach to Physiotherapy rehabilitation, lifestyle health and fitness.  He specialises in treatment of complex musculoskeletal issues, major trauma and surgery and is an expert in migraine and headache treatment.

He also specialises in Strength and conditioning physiotherapy for the elite athlete to enhance sports performance.

Murray trains and treats numerous leading athletes including leading world ranked tennis players, triathletes, golfers, Olympians and Dancers

His musculoskeletal migraine and headache clinic is a first of its kind in New Zealand and Internationally.  The clinic offers preventative treatment for chronic tension headaches, chronic neck and back pain and migraine headaches.  Flexa was the first clinic globally to combine clinical Botox treatment with physiotherapy and musculoskeletal posture modalities, to successfully correct and reduce migraine headache frequency and intensity.

He has been involved as a clinical educator and examiner for AUT physiotherapy students from both the undergraduate and postgraduate students

Murray’s personal interests are in Tennis, Martial Arts, and lifestyle health and fitness.

Helen O’Çonnor
Senior Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Helen joined Flexa in 2011 after six years living overseas working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in Melbourne, London and Sydney.  After graduating in 2003 from AUT, she worked for 18 months in Auckland before taking off on her overseas adventure.

Helen is interested in all sports and musculoskeletal related injury and rehabilitation, is trained in clinical pilates, real time ultrasound, rehabilitation and dry needling.  She has had experience with several sporting disciplines including club rugby, triathlons in Sydney and AFL in Melbourne.

Outside work she enjoys time with friends and family, shopping, keeping active at Flexa Studio and planning her next adventure.

Larissa Molloy
Senior Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Larissa graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in 2002. Since then she has worked in a private practice in Auckland, where she worked closely with many sports team including rugby and netball at club level, before heading over to the UK to work and travel for 4 years as well as doing further training in Acupuncture and Pilates. Larissa returned to NZ and joined the Flexa team in 2010 and has further developed her skills in women’s health, and works closely with Juliet in ante natal and post natal Physiotherapy.

Larissa outside of work enjoys travelling, catching up with friends and family, exercising, and spending time with her new puppy.

Kirstin Manson
Senior Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Kirstin graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy). Kirsten has worked at Flexa Clinic for over six years. Kirsten is interested in all sports and musculoskeletal related injury and rehabilitation, and also takes on a lot of Migraine patients.

Outside of work Kirstin loves spending time with Family especially her kids and Husband and two beautiful dogs.

IMG_9824 (Large) (Small)
Mike Heenan
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Mike graduated as a physiotherapist from AUT in Auckland, at the end of 2012.  Starting at Flexa the day after his final exam, Mike brings an energetic approach to injury rehabilitation.  Having been surpassed in all sports by his younger brother, Mike has a drive to help all people reach their full potential – be it the weekend warrior, recreational runner, or seasoned athlete.  He particularly enjoys improving posture and positioning to achieve the most efficient movement patterns.  Before becoming a physio Mike worked as a junior chef and his passion to taste food around the world takes up most of his spare time.

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Jeffrey Wang
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Jeffrey graduated from AUT University in 2013 and worked in Auckland at a private practice, before joining the Flexa team midway through 2014. Jeffrey’s mixed martial arts background has made him passionate about musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, and improving athletic performance. One of his goals is to work alongside athletes to rehabilitate their injuries, while maximising their performance potential. Jeffrey is enthusiastic about broadening his skills and is looking to take up postgraduate studies in the future. In his spare time Jeffrey enjoys photography, hip-hop dance and has a passion for working on his cars.

Nikki West
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Nikki graduated from AUT University in 2013, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy. She started off working at two rest homes and looked after a first grade rugby team. Following this she worked in the hospital setting gaining experience in Orthopedics, General medicine and Musculoskeletal out patients. Nikki joined the Flexa team in June 2014. From a very early age Nikki was an extremely competitive sports person participating in soccer, athletics, softball, touch rugby, cross country, volleyball, beach volleyball and hockey, where she represented North Harbour in several disciplines at age group level, achieving as high as NHL level for hockey. Nikki had the privilege of attending a 21 day Classic Outward Bound Course at Anakiwa in December 2013. She is passionate, committed and dedicated to whatever she takes on. Nikki is particularly interested in helping people regain optimal function with their recovery and rehabilitation of injuries. Her interests include baking, spending time with family and friends, windsurfing, wake boarding, sailing and dragon boating.


Kelly Owens
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Kelly graduated from AUT in 2014 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy, after assisting Murray for three years prior.  Kelly is also a qualified Gravity Instructor and Pilates Mat Instructor and has been taking the Thursday evening beginner Pilates classes at Flexa. Kelly’s interests include Pilates and running and has recently completed two half marathons. Her particular interest is functional core strength and stability. Kelly enjoys travel and spending time with friends and family.


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Vianca du Toit
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Vianca graduated as a physiotherapist from AUT in Auckland, at the end of 2015, after assisting Murray for 3 years. She has a keen interest in sports having been involved in netball and athletics from a very young age. Vianca has represented New Zealand in High Jump on several occasions and placed 1st at the Oceania championships. Vianca is very passionate about musculoskeletal physiotherapy due to her own experiences with injury and rehabilitation as an elite athlete.

In her spare time Vianca enjoys adventurous bush walks, exercising, catching up with friends and family.

Lisa Brooker
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio)

Lisa graduated as a physiotherapist from AUT in Auckland, at the end of 2015, after assisting Murray for 3 years. Prior to studying physiotherapy Lisa trained full time for three years at New Zealand School of Dance, graduating with a Diploma in Dance Performance.  Lisa is a qualified Gravity instructor and has a lot of experience with yoga and Pilates over her years of training. Lisa enjoys dancing, reading, art and fashion.



Jess Spouler
Staff Physiotherapist
BHSc (Physio) BSc(Kin)

Jessica graduated from AUT University in 2015, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and has been working at Flexa since early 2015.  Previously, Jess graduated from Simon Fraser University (Canada) with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Biomedical Physiology).  She worked as an Exercise Therapist for 3 years in both NZ and Canada specializing in post surgical back rehabilitation, return to work programmes and functional capacity evaluations/biomechanical analysis.  With a background in biomechanics and an interest in yoga, Jess is passionate about body kinematics and movement analysis using functional training.  Outside of work, Jess’ interests include yoga, hiking, functional training, travelling, cooking, and reading.