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From the age of five, and for the subsequent fourteen years I was a sufferer of debilitating and unpredictable migraine headaches. The irregularity and severity of my migraine headaches was a huge issue for me and affected everything in my life from my education, to my work, and social life. The frequency of my migraines progressively increased from as a young child, receiving maybe one a month, to my late teens, where I was receiving them almost daily for months on end.

The frustrating and disappointing thing for me was, after more than 10 years of seeing doctors and neurologists;  I was never recommended or even suggested a proper treatment option, nor were they able to pinpoint what may be triggering them. Their ‘solution’ always consisted of a new drug, and a cocktail of medications, designed to dull the pain – none of which ever effectively worked for me. After years of doctors’ appointments, daily medications, and the suffering which came with the often daily loss of vision, nausea, headaches, impaired speech and vomiting, the lining of my stomach became so weak from the medications I could no longer hold medications down.

At 19 years old I was at my lowest point with my migraines, frequently unable to move from my bed and incapable of regularly attending my full time job, when a friend found me the website of Flexa Physio after desperately searching for a new treatment possibility. I was prepared to try anything – and made an appointment to see Murray and his team for the very next day. After a long and thorough initial consultation, Murray was eager to tell me that he believed he knew the cause of my migraine and could fix me.

It has been almost a year long process, which has consisted of regular Physiotherapy, one round of Botox treatment, and regular home stretching, as well as strengthening and conditioning in the Flexa Physio studio. Right from the beginning I have been blown away by the level of support and professionalism Murray Hing and his team have shown me throughout my journey with them. I am now at a point where I have been migraine free for months with only the very odd mild headache, which I believe with continued effort, will disappear.

Now after three months of intentive training in the Flexa Physio studio, I am about to embark on a 23 day trek over the Himalayas to base camp on Everest, with my dad; a journey I never would have been able to undertake without the perseverance and expertise of Murray and his team. I cannot recommend highly enough, giving Flexa Physio a go, for anyone who has migraine headaches.

– Miranda Brockliss

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