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Ultra Physio is a clinic that specialises in using Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS), for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
RTUS is a machine, similar to what you would see when having a baby and diagnostic ultrasounds. RTUS allows us to image structures to diagnose injuries, but predominantly to see if people can activate certain key muscle groups imperative to normal function, rehabilitation of injuries and injury prevention.
Ultra Physio in particular will be focusing on the activation of the pelvic floor, Multifidus, and Transversus Abdominus, co-activation of these muscle groups is the core stability everybody is looking for and ultimately what the likes of Pilates is built on.
At Ultra Physio we also have the ability too image the deep stabilisers of the hip which is imperative for the stability in prevention of hip impingement, tendonopathies, cartilage tears, and Osteoarthritis. RTUS can also help in assisting in diagnosis and treatment of tendonopathies, muscle tears, bursitis, and ligamentous injuries, as it can help in providing a diagnosis, grading the stage of the injury, provide guidance to the best form of treatment, look at the biomechanics in real time, and assess when to introduce exercise and return to sport.
Research has shown a strong link to injury and weak core. With any musculoskeletal injury or pathology your “core” tends to go t sleep and unless specifically retrained, will stay weak and fatigue early, leading to a pattern of recurrent injury, or poor compensatory patterns. There is also a direct link to pelvic floor weakening in back pain sufferers equally in men and women. To retrain these muscles is not about doing sit-ups, planks, and gym exercises for that matter, its subtle retraining that is really specific and often poorly taught.
Both Helen and Larissa have travelled to Australia to further their expertise in this specialised area. The use of Real Time Ultrasound in Australia is playing a major role in rehabilitation in many Physiotherapy clinics across the country, and currently New Zealand does not offer any formal training for Physiotherapists in this field.
Here at Ultra Physio, we accurately diagnose the deep muscle activity (core), and help set the right rehabilitation plan to help relieve you of your pain and work towards the prevention of further episodes. We allow our clients instant feedback, as to the quality of their muscle activation, which helps greatly speed up the learning process by instant visual feedback, its pain free and non-invasive, and an excellent objective measure that can be retested to gauge improvement.

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