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We specialise in treating heel pain (plantar fasciitis), tendinopathy, and complex musculoskeletal injuries with radial pulse wave and laser therapy.

With our specifically designed treatment protocols we’ll get you pain free and back to doing the things you enjoy sooner.

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy (RPWT)

RPWT is a pneumatically generated pressure wave that travels deep into the surrounding tissue, spreading as it penetrates further. It differs from shock wave therapy which delivers a high frequency focused destructive shock wave. RPWT in contrast uses a lower frequency regenerative dispersed pressure wave. RPWT increases cellular metabolism stimulating nitrous oxide and dilution of substance P reducing pain transmission. It also creates neo-angiogenesis (generation of new blood vessels), vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels increasing nutrition), modulates inflammation, and promotes growth factors (vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF). It also collapses cavitation bubbles which erode cell membranes and stimulate collagen formation during the healing process.
The sensation from RPWT can be unpleasant particularly when treating around bone or joints. Depending on your injury best results may take three to five treatments and we recommend a week between treatment.

Laser Therapy

We use our state of the art class 3B laser for low level laser therapy which increases the energy in damaged cells stimulating chromophosis, increasing ATP synthesis and protein synthesis to promote cellular healing. It is totally pain free and best results are generally seen after around five treatments.

Treatment Protocol

Our treatment protocols aim to get you to full recovery sooner and that’s why we use RPWT combined with Laser therapy followed with eccentric stretching and quality rehabilitation.

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