Bigfoot Podiatry

Bigfoot Podiatry is a leader in foot and lower limb pain.  Our team are passionate about podiatry and we use the strength of the team to improve and become leaders in Podiatry. We are continually learning and presenting cutting edge presentations to sporting, tertiary and medical associations.

  • Sport Shoe Development: Asics are the leading technical sport shoe brand in the world and they call on Bigfoot to provide specialist feedback on their product.   We make comment toward future development of the running, hockey, walking and football range. Bigfoot have a comprehensive knowledge of all sport shoes and attend international footwear conferences and communicate with sport shoe representatives locally.
  • Elite Sport: Bigfoot are chosen by High Performance Sport to treat elite NZ athletes. We manage elite squad members of the NZ Breakers, Triathlon, Athletics, Football, Hockey, Golf and Netball. Bigfoot are the podiatry liaison for Sports medicine NZ – Auckland Branch.
  • Retail Support: Shoe Clinic, Shoe Science and Athletes Foot are leading retail technical sport shoe stores in the country and we provide Podiatric advice to key sales staff to ensure their customers have the most accurate information when choosing the right shoe.We are on the shop floor of various stores to ensure that specialist knowledge is on hand. You are welcome to make an appointment at Shoe Clinic Albany or Athletes Foot Botany to have us help answer your injury questions and have the right shoe sold to you.
  • Student Support: We are linked closely to NZ’s only Podiatry School at AUT in Auckland. Third year students spend 5 weeks under the guidance of Bigfoot Podiatrists and adminstration staff. They are exposed to real patient injury concerns and develop an understanding of the challenges and rewards of small business.
  • Diabetes Support: Bigfoot work with local Primary Care Organisations (PHO) to prevent foot related complications in diabetics. Bigfoot provides key lectures to nurses and doctors and are called on to review the current frameworks.

For more information view BigFoot’s website www.bigfootpodiatry.co.nz

To make an appointment:

Phone 09 481 0680
Email info@flexaclinic.com