Hauraki Midwives is a collective of 6 registered midwives working to provide continuity of care to women and their families during the child-birthing year.  Each midwife has a case load of 4-6 women per month and provides antenatal, labour/birth and postnatal care for her clients.

As a group we all support each other by providing back up support for each others clients. This is essential due to the 24/7 nature of our work and the need for time off to be with our own families. We are all mothers and between us have 14 children.

Our philosophy of practice is that pregnancy and child birth are normal and natural life events.  Our clients are generally well women who we encourage to be proactive in their own health and self care during pregnancy.  We are happy to support women to birth at home, hospital or birthing centres and offer water births if circumstances permit.

We embrace the use of complimentary therapies in pregnancy – e.g. Acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, herbal preparations if clients choose.  Alternatively we also work collaboratively with other health professionals should any complications of pregnancy, labour or birth arise.

Hauraki Midwives offer:

Free pregnancy testing

Advice on:

  • Nutrition and food safety
  • Physiological changes in pregnancy
  • Normal pregnancy
  • Complications and medical conditions of pregnancy
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Antenatal; Labour and Birth; Postnatal care
  • Hospital Birth – North Shore and Auckland City
  • Home Birth
  • Water Birth – (available for low-risk women with uncomplicated pregnancy and labour).
  • Birthing Centres – Warkworth and Birthcare

To make an appointment:

Phone 09 481 0680
Email info@flexaclinic.com