Breathing Works

World leaders in the treatment of breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndromes.

Breathing Works is a company focused on prevention of Breathing Pattern Disorders/Hyperventilation Syndromes – the first vital step in maintaining optimum health.

Breathing Works assesses and provides rehabilitation programmes for those who suffer the signs and symptoms of these distressing and frightening disorders — often referred to as a ‘silent epidemic’.

Over the last five years Breathing Works has worked as Corporate Health Consultants implementing unique Stress Reduction programmes to various innovative top companies and institutions New Zealand wide. Our goals are to empower both individuals and groups to increase productivity, have fewer ‘sick’ days and promote optimum health through re-education and practical recommendations.

The two co-founders, Dinah Bradley-Morrison and Tania Clifton-Smith, of the first independent Breathing Pattern Disorders clinic in Australasia are nationally and internationally recognised as leaders in their field.

The Breathing Works Institute was launched by Dinah and Tania in August 2001 to provide courses to health professionals with the latest information on research, ethical issues, assessment and treatment guidelines for chronic breathing pattern disorders/hyperventilation syndromes.

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Clinic times Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

To make an appointment:

Phone 09 481 0680